Board Goals

Board Goals
GOALS for 2012-13
  • Positive “letter grade change for schools defined as a “D” or an “F”.
  • 2% increase in ISTEP (Grades 3-8) and a 2% increase in ECA (Grades 9-12) scores from the 2011-12 School Year to the 2012-13 School Year.
  • 1% increase in the Graduation Rate for LHS from the 2011-12 to the 2012-13.
  • 90% pass rate on the I-READ Grade 3.
  • Continuance of moving the VCSC forward with good, sound fiscal policies in ALL funds (state supported, property tax, and Rainy Day).
  • Aggressive public relations campaign that not only targets our existing “customers,” but also those who may want to consider the VCSC over their other options.
GOALS for 2013-14
  • 3% increase in ISTEP (Grades 3-8) and ECA (Grades 9-12) scores.  This will mark a 5% increase in a two year period.
  • A Graduation Rate that is at 85% for Lincoln High School.
  • 2% increase in I-READ Grade 3 (This takes us to 92%) -Extending the public relations campaign to a model that showcases the VCSC as exemplary.
  • Continued reliance upon the fiscal solidarity of the VCSC in ALL funds.
GOALS for 2014-15
  • No VCSC school less than a “C” under the present accountability model.
  • Continue to see a positive increase in our standardized test scores and should be maintaining a graduation rate that demonstrates an increase.
  • The VCSC should be considering a Capital Projects Campaign.