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2015 Holiday World Music Festival
General Information and Guidelines







General Information (please read through carefully):


  • Performance times are scheduled in the order in which we receive your application. When you register, the number on your application helps us determine the largest performing group so enough equipment will be provided at the site. Indicate your largest anticipated attendance. You will have the opportunity to increase or decrease your numbers 30 days prior to the festival date.
    • If students are participating in more than one ensemble, please make note of that on your registration so that you are not charged twice.
  • Feel free to bring as many ensembles as you would like! Ensembles are listed on the registration page.
  • Each school will receive 1 free director meal pass. Holiday World only has access to adult park tickets. Any non-performing students or children may purchase a non-meal or meal adult package. For smaller children you may wish to contact the park directly for children's ticket age and height requirements.


Time Zone for Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari is “Central.”




1. Can Holiday World store our equipment, costumes, and trophies?

Unfortunately, Holiday World does not have the resources to store your equipment and trophies. You may want to have the bus driver or your students and chaperones take the equipment to your buses/trailer immediately after the performance.

2. What is the phone number/website for the park?

The phone number for Holiday World is: 1-877-463-2645
Website: www.holidayworld.com

3. What happens if it rains?

In the event of rain, amusement parks as a rule, will not close. Some of the rides may close for safety reasons. The Awards Ceremony will take place at its scheduled time and location. Many parks date tickets for one day only. If you decide not to visit the park, you will not receive a refund. If you decide not to perform, refunds will not be issued. If the weather becomes threatening, the festival will be moved back no more than a few hours.

4. Are there reserved seats at the Awards Ceremony?

No. Feel free to sit wherever you would like to.

5. Can we attend the Awards Ceremony without going to the park?

Everyone must purchase a ticket or package to attend the Awards Ceremony.

6. Do I need to order a park ticket for my bus driver? Yes 
7. Will Splashin' Safari be open?
TBD If not, is there a price difference? NO.
8. Is the performance site inside the park?

9. Is the Award Ceremony inside the park? Yes
10. Will someone be available to direct our buses where to park? 
No - You will ask your driver to go

to the bus parking lot, and unload and load there. There will be no unloading or loading at the park gate this year.
11. Where is the Director's Check-In? 
At the Main Gate
12. Where do we unload and reload our instruments/equipment? 
At the bus parking lot.

13. I know you do not provide changing facilities, but we really can't wear these outfits to the park. What can we do? Your best option would be for students to wear shorts and a shirt under their concert attire so they can quickly change on the bus. Restrooms are available, but might not be useable for changing purposes.

14. Do we need to wear uniforms? Uniforms are not required. Many schools wear a school t-shirt or polo shirt and shorts.

15. Where will we perform? Bands will perform at the Porter Shelter House. Choirs will perform at the Celebration Theatre.

16.  Can I change from "rating only" to "competition" or vice versa? Yes, you can change the status of your performance at anytime up until one (1) month prior to your festival date.

17. Can the choral director accompany the choir? Yes. In the event that an adult accompanies the choir, there is no penalty. A ticket must be purchased for this individual.

18. Can I photocopy music and/or scores? Photocopying is illegal. Please provide three original scores for the adjudicators.

19. Will our ensemble be able to play a warm-up piece? No, due to time limitations for the festival.

20. Can I use taped accompaniment? No. CD's are allowed, only if there are no vocal parts on this accompaniment. We can only play CD's, not cassette tapes.

21. When will I find out my performance time? Scheduling is done on a first come, first served basis. Bands will have 10 minutes to perform two songs.  Choirs will have 13 minutes for 2-3 songs performance. You are not to go over these time limits. A performance schedule is usually available in mid-April.

22. What happens if we arrive early for our adjudication? You can listen to other performing groups, wait on the bus, or go to the park early that day.

23. What happens if we are late? We will work with you and your ensemble and do our best to schedule you in.

24. Will you provide judges comments? Yes (written).

25. We signed up for a meal in the park, can we cancel the meal? Yes, you may drop the meal no later than 45 days before the festival date. After that time, you are required to take the meal.

26. What if my numbers change from the original application? You may increase or decrease your number of participants up until 30 days prior for those groups selecting our festival and park admission plans.

27. Can I pay my bill at the Festival? All payments must be made in full, one month prior to your festival date. Additional park tickets may be purchased at registration the day of the festival.

28. When must I have the final payment to you? All payments are due one month prior to the festival date.

29. Can we videotape our performance or take pictures during the performance? Videotaping would be at the discretion of your director. We would encourage you to refrain from taking flash photos during the performance of the adjudicated selections. Photos may be taken before they perform on stage.

30. When do we drop off our judges packets (three original conductor's scores)? Where do we pick them up? Upon arrival, the director will be escorted to the Main Gate/Registration Area. After warm-up, you will be taken to your performance venue. At this time, you will give the three conductor's scores to the host or judge's assistant.  Immediately following your performance, you will be given your three original conductor's scores by the judge's assistant. It is your responsibility to wait for your conductor's scores.  YOU ARE NOT TO APPROACH THE JUDGE'S TABLE. Your performance score sheets and judges comment sheets will be available for pick-up immediately following the Awards Ceremony in your packet.

31. What if there is a medical emergency at the performance site? It is the responsibility of each school to provide medical assistance for their students. The Holiday World on-site staff is available to assist by contacting local emergency personnel.

32. Can I add more students the day of the festival or purchase additional tickets? No. You may however, purchase additional tickets on the day of the festival.

33. Where will I pick-up my park tickets? Tickets are to be picked up at the Main Gate/Check-In Area. It is your responsibility to count and verify that you have enough park tickets for your group. You will not be reimbursed for any tickets purchased at the main gate.

34. Will group photos be available this year? No.

35.  Students must be bona fide students of the school, and must also be in the grade level that you are registering your ensemble(s) in. 





If you are in need of information now, please contact festival director Jason King at the following e-mail address:





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