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Music Courses & Descriptions
Advanced Acting
Advanced  Acting  is  based  on  the  Indiana  Academic  Standards  for  Theatre.  Students  enrolled  in  Advanced  Acting   research,  create,  and  perform  characters  through  script  analysis,  observation,  collaboration  and  rehearsal.   These  activities  should  incorporate  elements  of  theatre  history,  culture,  analysis,  response,  creative  process  and   integrated  studies.  Additionally,  students  explore  career  opportunities  in  the  theatre  by  attending  plays,   meeting  actors  and  discussing  their  work,  and  becoming  theatre  patrons  in  their  community.  Grade 9-12.

Advanced Choir
Advanced  Chorus  is  based  on  the  Indiana  Academic  Standards  for  High  School  Choral  Music.  Students  taking   Advanced  Chorus  develop  musicianship  and  specific  performance  skills  through  ensemble  and  solo  singing.  This   class  includes  the  study  of  quality  repertoire  in  the  diverse  styles  of  choral  literature  appropriate  in  difficulty  and   range  for  the  students.  Chorus  classes  provide  opportunities  for  performing,  creating,  and  responding  to  music.   Students  develop  the  ability  to  understand  and  convey  the  composer's  intent  in  performance  of  music.  Time   outside  of  the  school  day  may  be  scheduled  for  rehearsals  and  performances.  A  limited  number  of  public   performances  may  serve  as  a  culmination  of  daily  rehearsal  and  musical  goals.  Students  are  required  to   participate  in  performance  opportunities  outside  of  the  school  day  that  support  and  extend  learning  in  the   classroom.

Band  is  based  on  the  Indiana  Academic  Standards  for  High  School  Instrumental  Music.  This   course  includes  a  balanced  comprehensive  study  of  music  that  develops  skills  in  the  psychomotor,  cognitive,  and   affective  domains.  Ensemble  and  solo  activities  are  designed  to  develop  elements  of  musicianship  including  tone   production,  technical  skills,  intonation,  music  reading  skills,  listening  skills,  analyzing  music,  studying  historically   significant  styles  of  literature,  and  integration  of  other  applicable  disciplines.  Students  study  a  varied  repertoire   of  developmentally  appropriate  concert  band  literature  and  develop  the  ability  to  understand  and  convey  the   composer's  intent  in  performance  of  music.  Time  outside  of  the  school  day  may  be  scheduled  for  rehearsals  and   performances.  A  limited  number  of  public  performances  may  serve  as  a  culmination  of  daily  rehearsal  and   musical  goals.  Students  are  required  to  participate  in  performance  opportunities  outside  of  the  school  day  that   support  and  extend  learning  in  the  classroom.

Jazz Ensemble
Jazz  Ensemble  is  based  on  the  Indiana  Academic  Standards  for  High  School  Instrumental  Music.  Students  taking   this  course  develop  musicianship  and  specific  performance  skills  through  group  and  individual  settings  for  the   study  and  performance  of  varied  styles  of  instrumental  jazz.  Instruction  includes  the  study  of  the  history,   formative,  and  stylistic  elements  of  jazz.  Students  develop  their  creative  skills  through  improvisation,   composition,  arranging,  performing,  listening,  and  analyzing.  A  limited  amount  of  time  outside  of  the  school  day   may  be  scheduled  for  rehearsals  and  performances.  In  addition,  a  limited  number  of  public  performances  may   serve  as  a  culmination  of  daily  rehearsal  and  musical  goals.  Students  must  participate  in  performance   opportunities  outside  of  the  school  day  that  support  and  extend  the  learning  in  the  classroom.  Student   participants  must  also  be  receiving  instruction  in  another  band  or  orchestra  class  offering  at  the  discretion  of  the   director. 

Mixed Choir

This choir is based on the Indiana Academic Standards for High School Choral Music and follows the beginning choir curriculum.  Students develop musicianship and specific performance skills through ensemble and solo singing.  This class includes the study of quality repertoire in the diverse styles of choral literature appropriate in difficulty and range fore the students.  Chorus classes provide opportunities for performing, creating, and responding to music.  Students develop the ability to understand and convey the composer's intent in performance of music.  Time outside of school may be scheduled for rehearsals and performances.  A limited number of public performances may serve as a culmination of daily rehearsal and musical goals.  Students are required to participate in performance opportunities outside of the school day that support and extend learning in the classroom.  

Music Appreciation

Music  History  and  Appreciation  is  based  on  the  Indiana  Academic  Standards  for  Music  and  standards  for  this   specific  course.  Students  receive  instruction  designed  to  explore  music  and  major  musical  styles  and  periods   through  understanding  music  in  relation  to  both  Western  and  Non-­‐Western  history  and  culture.  Activities   include  analyzing  and  describing  music;  evaluating  music  and  music  performances;  and  understanding   relationships  between  music  and  the  other  arts,  as  well  as  disciplines  outside  of  the  arts. Grade 9-12.

Musical Theatre
Musical  Theatre  is  based  on  the  Indiana  Academic  Standards  for  Theatre.  Students  in  this  course  study  the   history  of  musical  theatre  and  its  place  in  today’s  society.  They  participate  in  staging,  choreographing,   rehearsing,  and  performing  an  original  or  existing  musical  work.  This  class  may  be  taught  collaboratively  among   music,  theatre,  dance,  and  visual  arts  faculty.  These  activities  should  incorporate  elements  of  theatre  history,   culture,  analysis,  response,  creative  process,  and  integrated  studies.  Additionally,  students  explore  career   opportunities  in  the  theatre,  attend  and  critique  theatrical  productions,  and  recognize  the  responsibilities  and   the  importance  of  individual  theatre  patrons  in  their  community.  Grade 9-12.

Tech Theatre

Technical  Theatre  is  based  on  the  Indiana  Academic  Standards  for  Theatre.  Students  enrolled  in  Technical   Theatre  actively  engage  in  the  process  of  designing,  building,  managing,  and  implementing  the  technical  aspects   of  a  production.  These  activities  should  incorporate  elements  of  theatre  history,  culture,  analysis,  response,   creative  process,  and  integrated  studies.  Additionally,  students  explore  career  opportunities  in  the  theatre,   attend  and  critique  theatrical  productions,  and  recognize  the  responsibilities  and  the  importance  of  individual   theatre  patrons  in  their  community. Grade 9-12.

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