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Special Education
Careers, Information, and Exploration
This program is for students seeking a Certificate of Completion and provides work readiness skills.

Basic Skills
Basic  Skills  Development  is  a  multidisciplinary  course  that  provides  students  continuing  opportunities  to  develop   basic  skills  including:    (1)  reading,  (2)  writing,  (3)  listening,  (4)  speaking,  (5)  mathematical  computation,  (6)  note   taking,  (7)  study  and  organizational  skills,  and  (8)  problem-­‐solving  skills,  which  are  essential  for  high  school   course  work  achievement.  Determination  of  the  skills  to  be  emphasized  in  this  course  is  based  on  Indiana’s   standards,  individual  school  corporation  general  curriculum  plans,  and  the  student’s  Individualized  Education   Programs  (IEP)  or  other  individualized  plans.  Skills  selected  for  developmental  work  provide  students  with  the   ability  to  continue  to  learn  in  a  range  of  different  life  situations.  Grade 9-12; up to 8 credits.  

Developmental Reading

Developmental  Reading  is  a  supplemental  course  that  provides  students  with  individualized  instruction  designed   to  support  success  in  completing  course  work  aligned  with  the  Indiana  Academic  Standards  for  English/Language   Arts  focusing  on  the  Reading  Standards  for  Literature  and  Nonfiction.  All  students  should  be  concurrently   enrolled  in  an  English  course  in  which  class  work  will  address  all  of  the  Indiana  Academic  Standards. Grade 9-12.

iTac stands for Integrated Technology Assisted Classroom and is a program that provides a resource time for students with an Individualized Education Plan or students seeking credit recovery.  
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