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Special Programs
This program seeks juniors and seniors in good standing to help in the office area and library.  Students may be asked to do some clerical work and take passes to students.  Students do not earn credit for this program.  Grade 11-12. 

CEO Program
CEO is a year long course designed to utilize partnerships that provide an overview of business development and processes. The local business community partners with area schools to create project based experiences for students by providing funding, expertise, meeting space, business tours and one-on-one mentoring.  Students visit area business, learn from guest speakers, participate in a class business, write business plans, and start and operate their own business.  Business concepts learned through the experiential CEO  class are critical; the 21st century skills of problem solving, teamwork, self motivation, responsibility, higher order thinking, communication and inquiry are at the heart of student development throughout the course.   This course is by application only.  It is a two hour, two semester, four credit class.  Grade 11-12. 

Jobs for America’s Graduates

This  course  is  designed  to  develop:    (1)  citizenship  and  patriotism,  (2)  self-­‐discipline,  (3)  physical  fitness,  (4)   reliance  and  leadership,  and  (5)  the  skills  used  in  decision  making,  communications,  and  problem-­‐solving.  The   course  content  and  experiences  enable  the  students  to  understand  the  role  of  the  military  in  support  of  national   objectives  and  to  become  familiar  with  basic  military  knowledge,  gender  equity  issues,  benefits,  and   requirements.  Topics  to  be  included  in  the  course  are:    (1)  military  history,  (2)  ROTC  in  the  military,  (3)  substance   abuse,  (4)  map  reading,  (5)  marksmanship  and  firearm  safety,  (6)  military  drill,  (7)  field  activities,  (8)  reserve   components,  and  (9)  first  aid  and  hygiene.  Opportunities  are  provided  to  explore  the  qualities  and  traits  of   courage,  self-­‐sacrifice,  and  integrity.  Junior  Reserve  Officer  Training  Corps  programs  must  be  approved  by  and   meet  the  requirements  of  the  appropriate  military  organization. Grade 9-12; up to 8 credits. 

Medical Terminology

Medical Terminology prepares students with language skills necessary for effective, independent use of health and medical reference materials.  It includes the study of health and medical abbreviations, symbols, and Greek and Latin word part meanings, all taught within the context of body systems.  This course builds skills in pronouncing, spelling, and defining new words encountered in verbal and written information in the healthcare industry.  Two semesters, two credits course.  Grade 11,12. 

Peer Tutoring

Peer  Tutoring  provides  high  school  students  with  an  organized  exploratory  experience  to  assist  students  in   kindergarten  through  grade  twelve  (K-­‐12),  through  a  helping  relationship,  with  their  studies  and  personal   growth  and  development.  The  course  provides  opportunities  for  the  students  taking  the  course  to  develop  a   basic  understanding  of  individual  differences  and  to  explore  career  options  in  related  fields.  Peer  Tutoring   experiences  are  preplanned  by  the  teacher  trainer  and  any  cooperating  teacher  under  whom  the  tutoring  is  to   be  provided.  It  must  be  conducted  under  the  supervision  of  a  licensed  teacher.  The  course  provides  a  balance  of   class  work  relating  to  the  development  of  and  use  of:    (1)  listening  skills,  (2)  communication  skills,  (3)  facilitation   skills,  (4)  decision-­‐making  skills,  and  (5)  teaching  strategies. Grade 10-12; up to 2 credits.

Twin Rivers

Twin Rivers is a Career & Technical Education Cooperative composed of 13 school corporations serving 14 area high schools in Daviess, Greene, Knox, Martin, Sullivan counties in southwest Indiana with the goal to more effectively and efficiently provide career & technical education and training to high school students.  Students must apply to the program in the spring and meet the admission requirements to participate.  Once accepted to the program, students must commit and not transfer out of the program due to costs incurred by LHS.  Visit http://twinriversarea.org/ for more information!

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