Staff Directory

Staff Directory


Superintendent’s Office (812) 882-4844 Fax: (812) 885-1427
Gregory T. Parsley Superintendent
Mary Ann Bible Administrative Asst. to Supt.
Deborah M. Linneweber Administrative Secretary
Assessment/State Reporting/ Technology Facilitator’s Office (812) 882-4844 Fax: (812) 885-1427
David M. Hill
Assessment/State Reporting/ Technology Facilitator
Coleen Bennett Secretary
Michele Fleck Admin Asst Assessment/State Reporting/ Technology


Treasurer’s Office (812) 882-4844 Fax: (812) 885-1427
Debbie Groves Corporation Treasurer
Mary Beth Gavney Deputy Treasurer
Tammy Cox Admin Financial Secretary

Corporation Departments

Maintenance (812) 882-2027/882-2049 Fax: (812) 885-1457
Rudy Loewen Director of Facilities
Cyrilla Williams Maintenance Secretary


Mary Beth Gavney


Director of Transportation
Melinda “Mindi”Decker Admin Assistant – -Transportation/Insurance
Sodexo – Food Service (812) 885-1414 Fax: (812) 885-1431
Michael Szady General Manager
Tara K. Lips Food Operations Manager
Technology Department (812) 885-1474 Fax: (812) 885-1431
Dustin Jones Director of Technology
Jake Chambers Computer Technician
Brett Parish Computer Technician
Rick Lang
Media Technology
Knox County Special Ed. Dept. (812) 882-0102 Fax: (812) 885-1448
Sheryl Schaefer-Jones
Debra Byrnes Coordinator
Tammy Black Secretary
Donna Merk

Michael Stinson

School Psychologist

School Psychologst

Kathy Wilson School Psychologist
Donna English Secretary
Susan Short Pre-School Coordinator

VCSC School Board

Karla Smith
Barb Toole
Lynne Bobe
Aaron Bauer
Pat Hutchison