Who We Are
Staff Information
Sheryl Schaefer-Jones joness@vcsc.k12.in.us Director of Special Education
Tammy Black Administrative Secretary
Coleen Bennett Pre-School Secretary
Diana Medley Special Education Coordinator
Lexi Ashby Pre-School Coordinator
Alison Neal Assistive Technology Coordinator
Ginger Cummins K-12 Educational Diagnostician
Jill Lopez K-12 Educational Diagnostician
Kathy Wilson S.S.P. School Psychologist
Donna Merk S.S.P. School Psychologist
Donna English Psychology Services Secretary


Of the 5268 students enrolled in Knox County Public Schools, 770 are identified as students with disabilities (have been properly identified by viagra online a case conference committee and have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) as their primary education tool). VCSC NKSC SKSC
Number of Teachers of Special Education 25 8 6
Number of Students with disabilities served 432 179 159
Number of total students enrolled 2711 1339 1218
According to the Indiana Department of Education as of December 1, 2015