Nutrition Services

Nutrition Services

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Hello and welcome to the VCSC student nutrition services homepage,

Vincennes Community Schools has a clear mission. Student nutrition plays a key role in that student health and well being are paramount to preparing students for life. We understand the impact that good nutrition has, not only on reducing childhood obesity, but in establishing positive values and habits that will last a lifetime. Sodexo is committed to ensuring student well being in everything we do.

Our goal is to support educators and administration in developing healthy habits and lifestyle choices. We strive to achieve this by operating around a platform of Student Well-being which is defined as a state of health and success nurtured through an awareness of choices in nutrition, achievement, environment, community and activity.

To accomplish these benefits we have establsihed a number of programs to support these pillars.


1.       Grade specific menus. Our menus are aligned with Healthy U. S. School Challenge.

2.       Alliance for Healthy Generation Snacks.

3.       Offerings bars at all levels promoting the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables.

4.       Healthy vending options at Lincoln High School.


1.       2-$1000.00 scholarships rewarded yearly.

2.       Recipient of a $2000.00 grant from the National Dairy Association for a Vitamix fruit smoothie machine.

3.       $4000.00 Grant awarded for first place finish in the Healthy High School Snack Challenge


1.       Use of reusable trays and baskets.

2.       Recycling of cardboard, plastic and tin.


1.       Partnership with local churches to establish a weekend backpack program to supply nutrition to students in need on weekends.


1.       Annual Health Fair

2.       2nd annual Future Chefs competition

3.       Participation in the Healthy High School Snack Challenge

4.       A-Z salad bars at the elementary schools


Sodexo is truly a VCSC and community partner and we appreciate the opportunity to serve the students staff and administrators at the Vincennes Community School Corporation.

Michael Szady

VCSC Meal Prices

Meal School Fee Reduced Fee
Breakfast All Schools $1.35 $0.30
Lunch All Elementary Schools $2.45 $0.40
Lunch Clark Middle School $2.55 – Selection $0.40
Lunch Lincoln High School $2.55 – Selection $0.40


Food Services Contact Information

Position Name Phone # E-mail
Food Service Director Mike Szady 882-2005
Catering Director Tara K. Lips 882-2039
LHS Manager Christy Cline 882-2273
CMS Manager Brandi Gaddey 882-2143
Vigo Manager Jessica Griggs 882-2078
Tec-Harrison Manager Judy Cox 882-2117
Franklin Manager Kelly Seals 882-2103
Riley Manager Michelle Groves 882-2072