School Goals

School Goals

At least 85% of our K-2 students will be at Benchmark on the Reading Composite Measure of DIBELS.


At least 85% of our K-5 students will be on or above level as measured by the new Exact Path Assessments in math.


At least 80% of our 3-5 students will pass the math portion of ISTEP+.


At least 80% of our 3-5 students will pass the ELA portion of ISTEP+.



1.  We have implemented RTI (Response to Intervention) times for all classes in addition to the 90 minute reading block to address student needs.

2.  Grade level meetings for teachers occur weekly.  Teachers have focused on mapping the curriculum in English/Language Arts and Math.

3.  Weekly professional development is being offered to increase the use of research-based instructional strategies.

4.  Teachers are tracking student progress on mastery of standards by giving 3 week standards assessments.  These assessments are used to guide daily instruction.  Teachers are also using monthly Literary Response questions and tracking data to ensure student mastery.

5.  Technology is being implemented more and more to increase student engagement.  We have i-Pad carts, mobile laptop carts and Kindle Fires for use in whole group and small group.

6.  Teachers are using the Simple Six writing method to increase writing scores and are giving monthly prompts to monitor student progress.

7.  All students are assessed three times a year with mClass DIBELS; which assesses the ‘Big Five’ reading components, created by the National Reading Panel.  And students in grades 3-5 take an Acuity assessment four times a year based on Indiana State Standards.

8.  All student data is gathered and analyzed by a team–The Green Team–and is then shared with others in the building.  Strengths and weaknesses of students help determine strategies and programs.

9.  We have established a partner with Lincoln High School called “Big A, Little A” mentoring program.

10.  We have also started having after school tutoring for students who might need additional help with homework.