Board Members

A school board member and superintendent from each of our partner corporations comprises the KCESEC’s full Governing Board. The full Board meets in June to review for the year and approve the yearly budget.  The managing board comprised of the Director of Special Education, and Superintendents meet on the second Tuesday of every other month at 8:00 in the KCSEC Director’s Office to monitor the Cooperative’s activities and to assure continued support from local, state, and federal agencies.


Member School Corporation
Greg Parsley Vincennes Community School Corporation
Tim Groves South Knox School Corporation
Darrell Bobe North Knox School Corporation
Elaine Pepmeier NK Liaison
Eric Carter SK Liaison
Lynne Bobe VCSC Liaison

KCSEC is governed by its Bylaws and Policies, along with Article 7. These documents can be viewed in their entirety by using the links below.

Article 7 May 2019

Letter to Parents Survey

Notice of Parents Rights 1-1-20

Transition & Behavior Services

Adult Services Agency 2020

Behavior Resources