Advanced Business (dual credit offered through the Early College Program)

Administrative and Office Management prepares students to plan, organize, direct, and control the functions and processes of a firm or organization and to perform business-related functions. Students are provided opportunities to develop aptitudes and apply skills and knowledge in the areas of business administration, management, and finance. Individual experiences will be based upon the student’s career and educational goals.

Business Math

Business Math is a course designed to prepare students for roles as entrepreneurs, producers, and business leaders by developing abilities and skills that are part of any business environment. A solid understanding of math including algebra, basic geometry, statistics, and probability provides the necessary foundation for students interested in careers in business and skilled trade areas. The content includes mathematical operations related to accounting, banking and finance, marketing, and management. Instructional strategies should include simulations, guest speakers, tours, Internet research, and business experiences. 

Global Economics (dual credit offered through the Early College Program)

Global Economics is a course that provides students with an understanding of their role as consumers and producers in domestic and global economies. This course enables students to understand how the economic system operates while comprehending their role in that system. Students deal with public policy, international economics, microeconomics, and macroeconomics in comparing economic systems and using selected economic measures.

Instructional strategies may include development of a school-based enterprise, case studies, field trips, guest speakers, job shadowing, simulations, Internet research, and business experiences.

Business Management (dual credit offered through the Early College Program)

Principles of Business Management focuses on the roles and responsibilities of managers as well as opportunities and challenges of ethically managing a business in the free-enterprise system. Students will attain an understanding of management, team building, leadership, problem-solving steps and processes that contribute to the achievement of organizational goals. The management of human and financial resources is emphasized.

 Principles of Marketing (dual credit offered through the Early College Program)

Principles of Marketing provides a basic introduction to the scope and importance of marketing in the global economy. Emphasis is placed on oral and written communications, mathematical applications, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills as they relate to advertising/promotion/selling, distribution, financing, marketing-information management, pricing, and product/service management.

Strategic Marketing

Strategic Marketing builds upon the foundations of marketing and applies the functions of marketing at an advanced level. Students will study the basic principles of consumer behavior and examine the application of theories from psychology, social psychology, and economics. The relationship between consumer behavior and marketing activities will be reviewed.

Personal Financial Responsibility (Career and Technical Education)

Personal Financial Responsibility addresses the identification and management of personal financial resources to meet the financial needs and wants of individuals and families, considering a broad range of economic, social, cultural, technological, environmental, and maintenance factors. This course helps students build skills in financial responsibility and decision making; analyze personal standards, needs, wants, and goals; identify sources of income, saving and investing; understand banking, budgeting, record-keeping and managing risk, insurance and credit card debt. A project-based approach and applications through authentic settings such as Work-based observations and service-learning experiences are appropriate. Direct, concrete applications of mathematics proficiencies in projects are encouraged.