Student Chromebook Issues and Repairs

Any student that has a Chromebook issue please report it to the media center. You may be given a loaner Chromebook if a repair is needed. Per the Student Acceptable Use Policy (Student AUP),  that families are required to sign for students to receive an LHS Chromebook, listed below are the out of pocket costs for repairs the REQUIRE a replacement part:

  • WITH INSURANCE – First Offense – $20 per replacement part – Protective case must be present and on the Chromebook. If intentional damage can be proven insurance will not apply here and students will have to pay a full part replacement fee.
  • WITH INSURANCE – After First Offense – $50 per replacement part.
  • WITHOUT INSURANCE – $50 per replacement part on all repairs.

Student Chromebook insurance paperwork will be provided to students during the insurance enrollment or period or during the student enrollment during the school year.


Student Chromebook Chargers

Lincoln High School will NOT provide students with replacement chargers for their Chromebooks. When the student receives their first device, as a freshman or new enrollee, they will be given a charger for their Chromebook. Information to purchase a replacement or an additional Chromebook charger is below.


Before you order a new Chromebook charger you will need to find the device number to make sure you purchase the correct charger for your Chromebook. On the bottom side of the Chromebook it should be etched with a number that will tell you which Chromebook charger you will need. All labels will start with the letter L and then five numbers the first two numbers after the L are the most important. In the picture above you can the label is L18225. The 18 is what you would refer to when clicking the correct website below. Your options for numbers currently would be 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 or 20. Click the website link below with the number on your Chromebook.


Click Here for 14, 15,16, 17, or 18 Chromebook Charger

Click Here for 19, 20, or 24 Chromebook Charger