Students can purchase textbooks for Early College classes by the following options:

1.  Purchase New: These books can be bought at the VU Bookstore and have never been used.  Typically, new books can be sold back to the VU Bookstore at various times throughout the year.

2.  Purchase Used: These books have been used by prior students and sold back to the bookstore.  Often times, these books have handwriting, highlighting, etc. throughout, but are sold at a lower price than a new book.  Many times they can be sold back to the VU Bookstore at various times throughout the year.

3.  Rentals: Books can be rented from the VU Bookstore or online rental website at a lower cost than used books.  The books MUST be returned within a specified time period or you will be charged the full price for the book.


  • Students must have their A# in order to purchase, rent, or sell back their books at the VU Bookstore.
  • Have your student verify the exact book title, author, ISBN and edition with their teacher before making a purchase. This information is in the syllabus.
  • When purchasing a book, especially online, be sure to check the edition!  Use the ISBN number when available.  This is an individual number assigned to each edition.
  • Check the VU Bookstore website, www.vinu.edu/bookstore, for book buy back dates each semester.
  • SAVE YOUR RECEIPT! You will need it if you would like to sell your books back.
  • When renting a book from the VU bookstore for a year-long class, be sure to tell them you are a Lincoln High School Early College student so that they will give you the extended rental period.
  • Some classes may have a companion website and require online assignments or instruction.  You must purchase an access code in order to gain access to this type of material.  Many times it is more cost effective to buy the textbook and the access code in a “bundle.”  Used and rental textbooks do not include online access codes.


The VU Bookstore has many options for students in need of an Early College textbook.  However, if an option is not available, you may wish to look into the following websites:

  • www.collegebookrenter.com
  • www.chegg.com
  • www.valorebooks.com
  • www.amazon.com
  • www.barnesandnoble.com