School Goals

School Goals

Maintain graduation rate above 90%

Maintain proficiency on ECA above 80%

1.  We have adapted our Algebra I course to cultivate mastery of the Algebra standards.

2.  We have changed our English curriculum in grades 9 and 10 from being separate composition and literature courses to a integrated course.  We will do the same for English 11 next year.

3.  Teachers in our Math and English departments meet monthly in “green” rooms to strategize on ways to better help our students obtain mastery of both Algebra I and English standards in order to pass the ECA/GQE.

4.  We have instituted an Adult mentoring program where select students meet with adult members of our community to form long-lasting/positive relationships.

5.  Individual departments meet each month to work on effective techniques for instruction.

6.  We analyze student data monthly on both a micro and macro level to gauge our success at different endeavors.