Testing Information

Testing Information


If you are truly undecided about a college, it is better to take a test that you do not need

than to decide late and not have a required test.

Any test may be taken as many times as you want to pay for them during the year.

LHS students interested in SAT/ACT prep next semester can sign up in Mrs. Nowakowski’s room (C-234).

These sessions will be held during enrichment.


SAT Testing Dates & Information

 Test Date  Registration Deadline
August 26 July 28
October 7 September 8
November 4 October 5
December 2 November 2
March 10 February 9
May 5 April 6
June 2 May 3
  • Students can register for the SAT at sat.collegeboard.org/register.
  • The cost of the SAT with Essay is $60.00


ACT Testing Dates & Information

 Test Date Registration Deadline
September 9 August 4
October 28 September 22
December 9 November 3
February 10 January 12
April 14 March 9
June 9  May 4
July 14  June 15
  • Students can register for the ACT at www.actstudent.org/regist.
  • The cost of the ACT (no writing) is $46.00.  The ACT (with writing) is $62.50.


SAT/ACT Preparation Tips


Lincoln High School offers a free SAT/ACT test prep course online through Study Island.

Website: www.studyisland.com

Username: bathwl

All lowercase: last name, first initial, middle initial

Password: 20121310

Student ID Number


Click on the College Readiness tab on the top toolbar and select the test you want to prepare for.  You will see practice tests and reading and math tools.


There are several sources for SAT & ACT prep.  Singing up for a course, buying a book, or online resources only work if you use them!

Free Online reviews:

www.number2.com     This site tells you why you got an answer wrong.

www.collegeboard.com   College  Board offers practice tests and question of the day.

www.majortests.com   This is great to build your vocabulary


Check out Mike Barrett’s website www.acethesat.com  for further explanation of these tips!

1.  Most important in achieving a high score on the essay is length!  Aim to write 1.5 to 2 pages.

2.  Thesis statement location – Make this the first sentence of your essay.  The reader will know how to look for your supporting ideas more easily.  Structure the sentence based on the question.

3.  Format – Use the standard 5 paragraph format.    The first paragraph is your thesis,  paragraphs 2,3, and 4 are your supporting arguments, and the last is your closing argument.

4.  Use personal examples.  They do not have to be academic in nature (i.e. quoting authors) or even factual.  Feel free to embellish the facts about your personal examples.  You will not be graded down for wrong information and they do not check to see if you actually rode elephants in Africa!

5.  In a good high school essay, you would want to draw the reader into your writing.  Don’t bother here!  Be straight forward about your reasons and don’t worry about using huge vocabulary words.

6.  Don’t plan too much.  You will have 25 minutes to write 2 pages.  Think through your position on the topic and construct your examples as you move along.

7.  Do your best to use correct spelling and grammar throughout the essay, BUT DO NOT worry too much about them,  they don’t count that much.

8.  Take time to read some essays from SAT prep books (at the library, don’t buy one) to get a feel for what  a top essay looks like.