Message from Mr. Parsley

As we begin to close out another semester within the Vincennes Community School Corporation, I am thankful for so much that has transpired over the course of the first semester.

First, I reflect on the work of Mrs. Leigh Anne Eck, a teacher for us at Clark Middle School who orchestrated getting the book “Wonder” into the hands of our elementary students.  What a terrific way to get our elementary students reading together, and with this, what a powerful book.  I also thank the many different people who came in and read parts of this book to our elementary students.

I am also thankful for Mrs. Stoll and others at LHS, who through the Community Service Club, spent their Fall Break in Texas helping with Hurricane Harvey relief and clean-up.  It speaks volumes when students and staff are willing to give up their break to do community service.

Several other things also come to mind and this includes the outstanding staff that we have in the VCSC.  Most recently, Mrs. Kayla Weyer, a Kindergarten teacher for us at Franklin, and Mr. Jono Connor, our principal at Tecumseh-Harrison, were both honored in Indianapolis.  Mrs. Weyer was the VCSC Teacher of the Year and competed for the Indiana Teacher of the Year.  Mr. Connor was chosen as a District principal of the year and competed for the elementary Principal of the Year.  Congratulations to both Mrs. Weyer and Mr. Connor for representing the VCSC!

I am thankful for the work that has already been done and the work that is to be completed on our elementary schools.  This time last year we were beginning to prepare to move back into Riley Elementary.  Students and staff are enjoying their new school building on the inside and we look forward to our students at Tecumseh-Harrison Elementary going back next August.  But at this same time, we will begin to move our students out of Vigo Elementary in May and prepare them to be out of their building so that we can replace the old with new.

With the construction, I am thankful for a community that steps up to help the VCSC as we have our students out of their elementary buildings.  Our partners this year include Thursday Church, First Christian Church and Free Methodist.  What an awesome group of partners!

I am thankful for Mr. Rudy Loewen (facilities), Mr. Mike Szady (food service), Ms. Mary Beth Gavney (transportation), Mr. Dustin Jones (technology) and Mrs. Nancy Gress (nursing) and their respective people that work for them as having to move our elementary students around has been a monumental task and these five department heads have shown that they are up for the challenge.

When I really take a step back to reflect, I am thankful for so much more as well, but it all comes back to that I am thankful to be a part of such an outstanding school corporation that features some of the most talented young people and staff that I have ever worked with.

This gives to me an awesome feeling and it should give the same to you as you should feel good about your local school corporation.

It is my hope that as we go through the holidays that you too will reflect upon those things that you are thankful for.

I do wish every person the best of all holidays as we begin to close out the first semester.  I also hope that as we go through this time of year our patrons will find those opportunities to support VCSC events as we have many over the holidays.  From elementary Christmas programs to athletic events and everything in between there is a lot to take in.  I hope you will join me, and more so our VCSC staff and students, at these different events.



Greg Parsley


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