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Vincennes Community School Corporation
Vincennes Community School Corp.
1712 South Quail Run Road 
Vincennes, IN 47591 


School Closed

Summer Vacation

School will resume August 4, 2016


Corporation Goals:

  Student Oriented Goal:

  • Attract and maintain faculty, staff, and administrators who are qualified, high performing, diverse, and committed to upholding the vision of the Vincennes Community School Corporation

  District/Community Oriented Goal:

  • Develop and implement a plan to ensure student academic success that ultimately leads to graduation

  Learning Environment:

  • We will further provide all students a safe and well maintained school environment


  • The corporation will develop a plan that promotes fiscal stability

  Public Relations:

  • The corporation will develop and implement a plan to promote the Vincennes Community School Corporation

Message from Mr. Parsley

As I write this “Welcome” to the VCSC website, I am reminded as we go through the holidays that we have so much to be thankful for, in addition to celebrate.

With this stated, the VCSC truly is the best place to be.  From our award winning teachers and administrators to the curriculum which is offered is second to none.  Few school corporations can match the award winning staff that defines the VCSC and the diversity of our programming and course offerings is unlike no other.

Simply to write about the latter in more detail we offer art, music and PE in our elementary schools.  Unfortunately, because money is what it is, many schools have had to make cuts in this realm as related to their elementary curriculum.  The VCSC has managed to find the necessary dollars to continue to offer this type of programming.  Not only are we proud of being able to do this, but this also allows for the success of our programs at our middle school and high school.  All of this enables the well-rounded student. 

In terms of the middle school and high school even more emphasis is placed upon the arts.  One will find art work throughout much of Vincennes and greater Knox County as a result of the programming which we have in place at both our middle and high school.  It also does not hurt that we have some of the absolute best people teaching art to our students. 

Speaking of the performing arts, we have award winning programs at all levels.  However, speaking of two of these in more specific terms, our “Pride of the Green” is one of the premier marching bands.  Qualifying ten times as a state marching band finalist, and coming off a recent trip to Lucas Oil Stadium for the state finals, they are a clear cut above the mark.  In addition, our theatre program is unlike anything you will likely find in any of our neighboring schools.  Award winning musicals and plays are held and presented to the community.  Recently, our middle school performed “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”.  This is the award-winning movie that captivated audiences beginning in 1968 that featured the legendary Dick Van Dyke.  The movie continues to mesmerize audiences of all levels today.  This spring, our high school students will perform the Disney production of “Mary Poppins the Musical”.  The VCSC is one of the first K-12 schools to perform either one of these award winning titles. 

In moving away from our curricular program featuring the performing arts is our athletic program.  We all know that late fall throughout winter brings us to basketball.  The Alices, with both boys and girls from our feeder systems at the elementary level all the way through the varsity programs at the high school, produces some of the most competitive and successful programs throughout southwestern Indiana.  However, with this said we have so many other sports and teams as well to highlight throughout this period.  This ranges from swimming to cheerleading to wrestling to our award winning dance team.  Again, the theme is that we have so much to offer to our students.

From athletics moves me to JROTC and our nearly 100+ students who are active in this program.  Most of the community likely looks at this group and simply thinks of them as presenting the Colors at VCSC events.  But so much more is taking place in this program.  The curriculum offerings, and more so the skills which our cadets are being taught daily from our instructors leading the program, is once again like no other.  Our cadets are receiving opportunities including scholarships that allow for them to be placed in a category of being elite.

The last program that I will highlight is our partnership with Vincennes University at our high school.  Vincennes Lincoln is a site for one of VU’s Early Colleges.  Students can receive college credit while also working to obtain their high school diploma.  Both of these run congruent with each other.  A student could potentially graduate with their high school diploma from Lincoln High School and also receive their Associate’s Degree from Vincennes University, all while being a student at LHS.  Also, and just as important, is staying in our building at LHS.  Not only does this benefit our students but it also benefits our parents and others that are paying the tuition for credit hours.  This partnership allows students to earn college credit at a much-reduced rate from having to pay actual onsite tuition costs at the institution.

Lastly, and more so moving completely into a different direction, and one that pertains to our elementary schools, is the possible remodel/renovation.  This past fall the VCSC held several different forums to share out our intentions to completely remodel and rebuild our elementary schools.  The three larger schools would receive complete overhauls and remodels while Riley Elementary would see remodeling but not to the degree that the three larger elementary buildings would need.  From our website, and using the parent/community link at the top, you can highlight over and you will find a tab that is dedicated to our elementary project.  You will find a comprehensive Question and Answer section, and also the visual renderings of what a possible remodel/rebuild could look like.  It should be noted that when I refer to “our”, this is a collective “our” and more so because of listening and taking into account many different ideas and suggestions.  

The primary question that people are asking or likely to ask is a timeline.  The absolute earliest we could begin with possible construction would be this coming summer or the summer of 2016.  However, before any of this was to occur, internal items must be addressed ranging from the architect to a construction manager.  Following the selections in this realm would lead us to a public hearing and this likely is not to occur until February or March. 

What I can assure individuals is that we will continue to be transparent through the process as we have been since day one when we began taking community input back in the spring of 2015.

Until then, I thank you for reading my “Welcome” to the VCSC’s website.  As we prepare to enter into that time of giving thanks, and also with so much to celebrate that will run us all the way up to Easter, I simply encourage patrons to the VCSC that if they have questions, comments, or concerns not to hesitate to contact me.

Go Big Green!

Greg Parsley


Core Values/Beliefs

  • We believe that:
  • The quality of education is directly related to positive partnership between the school corporation and all stakeholders
  • Every student must be assured a safe and secure environment
  • We must provide a consistent, rigorous, standards-based curriculum that incorporates technology
  • Every student deserves a quality education, provided by highly qualified personnel in a positive environment that enables them to reach their fullest potential
VEF Night for KIDS

  Our Learning Environment Provides:

  • An evolving and innovative curriculum that meets the diverse needs of all students, and equips them to be positive and contributing members of society
  • A highly qualified, dedicated, and caring staff recognized as the best
  • Homes, classrooms, and schools working together in harmony to support a safe and nurturing educational experience
  • Modern technology and training that maximizes learning for all
  • Pro-active and effective communication between staff, students, and their guardians that ensures student success
  • The optimal staffing and facilities to meet the needs of all students

  Our District and Community:

  • Work as a team providing resources necessary to achieve a quality education
  • Recognize the corporation as the heart of learning, caring, and support for all stakeholders
  • Acknowledge education as a privilege that proudly accepts responsibility for the learning process
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