Message from Mr. Parsley

New Beginnings/New Experiences!

The start of each new school year gives us the opportunity for a fresh and/or new start.  With this stated, we have so many different new beginnings.  This includes our Kindergarten students to our Seniors.  Students with these new beginnings will experience so much and will have stories to tell for many years.

Along with this theme, I think of our students at Vigo Elementary.  They will spend the entire school year displaced as we completely remodel the building and continue with the integrity of the history of the building and what it means, but with this, transform it to a new building.  Students from Vigo will make so many new memories being displaced and those Vigo students in pre-kindergarten through 4th grader will have a new opportunity when the 2019-2020 school year begins to go into a new building.

Our students at Franklin will begin to experience some of this as we close out the 2018-2019 school year as they will witness their entire building being packed up and likely this will begin around the first of May.

Other new beginnings for students will be experienced by ALL our students and this will be meeting new teachers and staff and making memories with old friends and meeting new friends as students come and go over the course of the summer.

But the key thing that happens with the start of a new school year is that we all get the opportunity to get off to a great start and with this it starts with the mindset and this is not only for students but also staff alike.

Within the VCSC, we have so many things that we can offer students to find their enthusiasm and passion that will allow for getting off to the good start and with this kind of start, will always lead to a strong finish.

No school corporation can offer as much as what the VCSC can within the southwestern part of the state.  Our programming is unlike no other.  But along with this, the City of Vincennes and the greater area also has so much to offer and within this, the VCSC plays an integral role within our community and the community plays an integral role within the VCSC.  And it is with this that has led to our current promotional campaign that is led by the VCSC’s own, Mr. Tim Salters.

Our campaign is a simple one and it is “The Grass Isn’t the Only Thing that’s Greener…..”

I encourage of you, whether you are on the search for new programming or an existing VCSC stakeholder, that you check out not only what the VCSC has to offer but also Vincennes and the greater area.  I think you will be impressed.

But in the end, what makes both the City of Vincennes and the greater area along with the VCSC special is the people.  With this, you will find some of the absolute best people located right here and this includes the many hard-working employees of the VCSC who have a passion and enthusiasm in working with kids.

I encourage of you all to be a part of the new beginning of a new school year and with this experience the many good things that we have to offer.


Go Big Green!


Mr. Greg Parsley